Monday, 30 July 2012

Taking Stock, Take Two

What's varnished and ready to hit the table:

- Company command squad
- Platoon command squad

- Two ten-man infantry squads

- Two heavy weapons teams

- One Veteran squad

What's ready to be painted:

- One female infantry squad
- One storm trooper squad

- Vanquisher turret
- Chimera
- Two Demolishers
- Conqueror

  What's unfinished:

- One scout truck (Scout Salamander proxy)
- One five-man rough rider squad

- Exterminator turret
- Russ turret
- Titan tech-priest (Officer of the Fleet)
- Commissar 
- Pask conversion

 To-do list:

- Marbo
- Priest
- Third infantry squad
- Vanquisher chassis
- Exterminator chassis 

Saturday, 28 July 2012

A Sudden Flurry of Activity - Part VI

Conqueror / Eradicator / Russ

Conquerors are now utterly mince (as they say in Scotland) so this will get rolled out as an Eradicator or Russ as the situation demands.


Sometimes houses the Veteran Squad

Various Turrets

A Pask stand-in to occupy the hatch is still being worked on.

I can't stand the conventional battle cannon so I bought these Krieg turrets from Forgeworld. The Exterminator will form part of the Commissar tank Penitence that will hopefully take shape in the next year or so.

A few notes

Stowage is a mixture of GW, Forgeworld, and Tamiya stowage kits (WWII and modern). The Conqueror's exhaust pipes are empty .22 casings with Chaos Space Marine weapon muzzles. Heavy stubbers are Ork big shootas. The heavy bolters are all missing because I am awaiting delivery of eighteen Ork shootas identical to those shown in the conversion ideas post some time ago. Camo netting was done according to Forge World's Model Masterclass vol. I recipe (medical gauze in watered-down PVA), and track guard damage was done with a dremel and a grinder head. Rivets are carbon balls from a used water filter that I pinched from a recycling station, and slices of plasticard rod. I really recommend the FW book - it has very easy-to-follow guides with large pictures.

A Sudden Flurry of Activity - Part V

And finally, the tanks...

Demolisher Squadron

A Sudden Flurry of Activity - Part IV

Not painted, but finished modelling:


Stole the Necron skull-mask with gas filters from someone else's Inquisitorial stormtroops, but can't remember where I saw them.
In the words of the great warrior-poets Metallica: 'Look to the sky just before you die / it's the last time you will...'
Melta, vox-op and officer.
Heads from tank crew, Space Wolves, Catachans and Marauder Horsemen.

A Sudden Flurry of Activity - Part III

And now...

Veteran Squad

Ten veterans with camo-cloaks. Camo-ragging idea stolen from Bungaroo (see previous posts).

Three riflemen and the Sergeant.
Marksman, Vox-Operator and grenadier
Medic, Marksman and Scout
I'm going to add a heavy bolter and Harker stand-in later.

I am trying to add a bit of 'realism' to every squad, by ensuring that each has a medic (right) and a stowed anti-tank weapon (centre), with a loader (left).

A Sudden Flurry of Activity - Part II

Next up....

Company Command Squad

Lurks in cover in the centre of the gunline. Comprises Creed stand-in, Master of Ordnance, bodyguard, Mortar, and sometimes Astropath.

In its entirety.

Fluff-wise, I don't really want any psykers in my force so narratively this chap is just fecking wise, which manifests itself in prudent pre-battle preparation, hence the reserves bonus.

A Sudden Flurry of Activity - Part I

At last, I have got round to painting and varnishing several squads. First up...

Platoon Command Squad

Al'Rahem, standard Platoon Commander and Vox-Officer
Heavy flamer and three flamers
 This lot usually roll as a standard platoon command squad with a vox and three flamers, and lurk with an infantry blob squad to provide a counter-charge capability.