Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Gunnery-Sergeant Harker: Photos

Finally finished - slightly scruffy freehand tattoos, weathering powders and all. Happy with how he turned out - really don't like the look of the heavy bolter when used with guardsmen - looks preposterously and unnecessarily heavy, whereas perversely this old CSM Havoc autocannon looks a bit better.

Harker and Veteran Heavy Bolter team finished

My Gunnery-Sergeant Harker stand-in is now painted and based, and I have made my first experimental foray into the world of weathering powders with him. I'll varnish him tomorrow morning and upload some pictures. I have also just basecoated the heavy bolter team for his squad. Huzzah!

Friday, 19 October 2012

Tech-priest and some infantry

Finished these off and varnished them. Seem a bit shinier than the other varnished models for some reason.

Forgeworld Titan Tech-Priest [Officer of the Fleet]:

This guy was an absolute bastard to put together - lots of fiddly bits that needed pinning - each arm has three components!


Not happy with the way the ghillie-cloaked guy's camouflage went, but it'll do. Will probably use as Ratlings.

A few infantry bods:

All the infantry models I have finished building - except my stormtroopers - are now painted, varnished and properly based. Nearly there!

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Body options

Further to the Maxmini torsos shown before, a wealth of body parts options is now floating around:

 Combat Armour torsos:

Ash Junkers heads:

Greatcoat legs:

Combat armour legs:

Anzac heads:

Victoria Miniatures:
Gas masks and goggles:

Kneeling guardsman legs:

Blight Wheel miniatures:
Regular troop torsos:

Grant's Spectres - legs (various):

Statuesque miniatures:
Resistance fighters - helmeted heads:
Resistance fighters - gasmask heads:

Friday, 12 October 2012


Having seen The Dark Knight Rises, I want to include a Bane-esque character as a Rogue Trader (Inquisitor stand-in) bodyguard - will probably use Gunther here as a base:

Foundry: Outlaw Trash