Wednesday, 18 April 2012


I loathe the Chimera chassis. I can't help myself. It looks like a fat man with a small head. Ghastly.

Consequently, I decided that I would like to cobble together some Cargo-8s to use as proxies or using the Vehicle Design Rules of yore.

Mooching around the internet, I found these as a good start-point for inspiration:

This is exactly how I envisaged the Cargo-8 - pintle cannon, soft-topped, and laden down with baggage
The Morris C8 Tractor:

The Scammell Pioneer:

I then took the 'truck' idea and ran with it, since I liked the idea of a semi-motorised army. What about scout trucks of some sort for formational reconnaissance?

A Tamiya 1/35 'Pink Panther' Land Rover:

A Tamiya 1/35 Long-Range Desert Group Chevrolet 30cwt truck:

Others had clearly had similar ideas before me, although I didn't really like their execution:

Too Smurf

Just no.
But then I found Bungaroo's exquisite work on Warseer....

These were a bit more like it, but still not quite right:

So I bought one of the Tamiya 'Pink Panthers' and went to town. I even built a light box, although the results were bitterly disappointing. This is what my prototype looks like at the moment:

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