Thursday, 2 August 2012


I have begun work on a Gunnery-Sergeant Harker conversion for my Veteran squad. Parts are:
- Vostroyan sniper body
- Chaos marauder horseman head and arms
- Chaos space marine autocannon
- Ork big shoota strap and bullet belt (not shown)
- Cital scenics resin 40mm base (not shown)
- Kromlech guardsman backpack

Since these photographs were taken I have pinned him to a base and sculpted some quilted armour onto the left arm to finish it. The finished model will sport camo ragging and a scenic base that ties him in with the rest of the squad. Is he looking towards the sky because I accidentally knocked him off the table, to add variation to the otherwise quite samey poses of the army, or to reflect the change in the meta-game that commonplace flyers have introduced? Who knows....

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