Friday, 10 August 2012

More on the way

I took advantage of Wayland Games' current offer and bought one of the new Leman Russ kits and a Catachan Heavy Weapons Squad. The Russ will provide a chassis for Pask's Vanquisher turret, and the HWT will manifest itself as a mortar squad as well as providing the autocannons for my Salamander Scout stand-ins.

Both of these latter projects will only appear a way down the line, but the Vanquisher should hopefully be finished reasonably soon since I am eager to get an airbrush and finish all five tanks.

On a more immediate note, I have finished building and painting the Forgeworld titan tech-priest that I've had lying around with nothing but a coat of Mechrite Red for yonks (absolute bloody nightmare - so spindly. Lots of pinning.) and painted up seven more blokes who were lying around in a half-finished state.

Next on the list:
1 - Paint Harker
2 - Paint Stormtroopers
3 - Paint Commissar
4 - Build Rough Riders (horses already done)
5 - Paint Rough Riders

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